January - 2019

Hi! Welcome to my site! In this site I have some of the things that I like to do! I am very passionate about art, in particular illustration, animation, all things pop culture, sports like Baseball, Basketball, and Football. I love movies and anime, and I love a good comedy or superhero flick. I'm love playing video games, but find that I have less time nowadays, but when I do have time I'll play some diablo III or some Destiny. 

From time to time, I update this with my own illustrations, or sketches, sorry but there are times when I have long periods of no new work, but when I am in the zone I dish out lots of fund stuff mostly related to the above (movies, pop culture). Most of my work is done digitally, usually just using my Cintiq using either Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketchbook. I also love Twitter, Facebook and when I am working on art Instragram! 

A little about my professional life

I have a degree in Illustration from the Academy of Art University back in 2000. I find that that I do my best with trying to use that background in all the things I do. Most of my work history is less to do with art, but I have always brought my creative eye to every job and offer any help I can. I have benefited from my art background in many ways, like being able to say that I was a contractor on an art job for Lucas Film, along with other notable places; Autodesk, Activision, Yahoo!, Google, to name a few. Currently I work for a gaming company that create a daily sports gaming app. I spend a lot of time getting to know players and do a lot of Customer Service, but I also have opportunities to work on UI and Marketing items along with a little graphic design. 

Home Life

At home, I am married to my wonder wife Candida, when have been together since 1996 and married in 2003. We recently added to our family with my son Gabriel, who just turned 3! It's amazing to have a family and Gabriel keeps us both on our toes and makes it remember what it must of been like to be that young. In a way he keeps us young and should keep us both in what is hot and what's not!


I live on the Island of Alameda, where it it is just off of Oakland, and I live in such a great location where I walk two blocks and can walk the shoreline overlooking the San Francisco city skyline. There are times when you can say to yourself, wow this is so cool to be looking at such an amazing skyline. Another cool thing about living in Alameda is that it can take you into the far past. What I mean by this is that the city has such a large amount of old Victorian style homes. Some of which were probably built before of the last turn of the century! The people in Alameda keep a hold of that old history by keep these homes very well maintained. I love driving down Grand Street and admiring some of the really big old homes. At one time Alameda was home to the rich in San Francisco. They would make their summer homes in Alameda. So sometime you can wonder how it must of been for some of the wealthiest in the last start of the 1900's must of lived. 

I hope to add some great things over in my blog section about all these areas of my life and hope to keep on!


Anthony Luis Rivera